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Fantasmic lyrics


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        Part 1
    Wish upon a star
    Take a step enter the land
    Walk through the air
    Take my hand
    Wishmaster`s will-
    Join him the quest for dream
    A make-believe
    Is all we ever need
    Wish upon a star
    No matter who you are
    The second star to the right
    Harbinger`s gate
    Beyond the boundaries
    Blossom ballet
    In the great wide somewhere
    Wish upon a star
    Believe in will
    The realm of the king of fantasy
    The master of the tale-like lore
    The way to kingdom I adore
    Where the warrior`s heart is pure
    Where the stories will come true
    Part 2
    A cub of the king betrayed by usurper
    A girl in the rain swearing to her father`s name
    Belle the last sight for the dying gruesome
    The beauties sleeping awaiting
    Deep in a dream
    For true love`s first kiss
    Part 3
    Bald Mountain Night
    Devilheart endures but light
    A mad aerial dance
    Chernabog`s succubi
    Black Cauldron born
    Gurgi`s heart forlorn
    Pig-keeper or hero
    On a quest of augury
    Maleficent`s fury
    The spindle so luring
    Dragon fight, dying night
    Dooming might
    Apprentice of Yen Sid
    Conducting the galaxy
    Dreamer on mountaintop
    Spellbound masquerade
    The Sailor an idol for the six-year-old in me
    The Phoenix of White Agony Creek
    Enchantress, A mermaid in a tale as old as time
    A Dragonslayer, The Awakener
    Wish upon a star...
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